ICMYI: 10 must-read stories from Monday’s science and tech news

19 Oct 2015

10 stories to read on your commute home, including space talk, UTV Ireland, Limerick jobs and more

In case you missed it, here are the main headlines from today’s science and tech news, for your commute home from work.

We know you were busy today, you’re busy every day. So we’ve gone to the trouble of listing today’s biggest news stories below. We can’t make it any easier!

1. ITV to buy out UTV and UTV Ireland for €136m

After what has proved a less-than ideal start for Ireland’s newest free-to-air channel, UTV Ireland, along with UTV in Northern Ireland, is expected to be sold to ITV in a deal worth a reported €136m (£100m).

2. Mid-west plan targets 23,000 new jobs by 2020

The Irish Government has launched a Mid-West Action Plan for Jobs that could see the creation of 23,000 extra jobs throughout Clare, Limerick and Tipperary.

3. ESA and Roscosmos will be comrades in moon mission

The European and Russian space agencies are to join forces, despite political tensions, to begin preparations for a joint moon mission to examine the possibility of establishing a lunar base.

4. 20 fintech movers and shakers to watch in Ireland

Kicking off a second round of fintech-focused content from Siliconrepublic.com, we identify 20 companies you need to watch in this space.

5. 200 biopharma jobs in Limerick as Regeneron expands

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is investing €310m into its Limerick facility, adding 200 jobs to its bioprocessing campus by the end of 2017.

6. Digital ‘skin’ could give artificial limbs feeling

Scientists have developed a ‘skin-inspired organic digital mechanoreceptor’ that could give people with prosthetic limbs a type of feeling that is otherwise, obviously, lacking.

7. Facebook to become watchdog for nation-state cyberattacks

Facebook is looking to put an extra layer of security between its users and  nation-states with the rolling out of notifications that will alert someone when it is believed they are under surveillance.

8. Irish invention may revolutionise biopharma production

Research institutions in both Dublin and Cork have combined to set up PATsule, a project to create sensors that can significantly improve biopharmaceutical production of medicines, offering manufacturers vastly better readings throughout the process.

9. ICANN 54 comes to Dublin as IEDR calls for greater Irish support

In its 54th meeting, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has come to Dublin for the first time and, given its role, the IE Domain Registry is calling on greater levels of Irish internet management and governance.

10. Google acquires 360-degree photo specialist Digisfera

Google’s latest acquisition, that of Portuguese start-up Digisfera, looks set to further enhance the company’s dominant maps service, bringing in a company that works entirely with panoramic photography.

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