Diversity and inclusion in the workplace foster innovation, says Fidelity (video)

1 May 2015

John Basile, Fidelity Investments

In 2014, John Basile of Fidelity Investments was awarded “Corporate Leader of the Year” by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in the US for his efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in his sector. He will speak at Silicon Republic’s Inspirefest 2015 in June.

We caught up with John Basile on a recent trip to Dublin, to ask him about his role leading the diversity and inclusion efforts at Fidelity Investments worldwide. A 29-year veteran of Fidelity, he takes care of partnering with stakeholders and business leaders across the firm in continuing to engage leaders and employees in Fidelity’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

As an openly-gay man himself, Basile is a role model, not only for those in his organisation, but he feels that coming out to his colleagues 13 years ago liberated him to work more productively and happily. Now he wants others to feel that same liberation. It’s a subject he will tackle on the Workplace Diversity panel at Inspirefest 2015 in Dublin in June.

Not alone is this important for the gay and lesbian community within the huge international tech and finance giant, but Basile firmly believes that an inclusive workplace is also far more attractive to women at a time when many tech companies are seeing them opt out of the sector. Watch the full interview below.

Ann O’Dea is the CEO and co-founder of Silicon Republic and the founder of Future Human