ICYMI: 7 tech stories you must read before you shut down this Tuesday

20 Oct 2015

Computer shut down image via MikhailSh/Shutterstock

Have you seen the new Star Wars trailer? Can you name Ireland’s top fintech influencers? Do you know when the new Apple TV will be released? Get to grips with these top tales and more with our quick daily round-up.

Today’s news was a mixed bag, with excitement for Star Wars fans, cause for concern for porn fans, and the immediate knock-on effect of the recent Max Schrems ruling in the EU.

1. 25 key people influencing Ireland’s fintech revolution

As part of our Fintech Focus content drive, editor John Kennedy identified the 25 key influencers driving the fintech revolution in Ireland. Check out this and more Fintech Focus content coming throughout the week.

2. DPC will finally investigate three-year-old Schrems complaint

Following on from the landmark European Court of Justice ruling that saw Safe Harbour all but torn apart, the Irish High Court today said it was clear the Data Protection Commissioner’s decision not to investigate Max Schrems complaint against Facebook should be quashed. Three years after filing the complaint, Schrems will finally see the DPC examine how his personal data was handled by Facebook.

3. New Apple TV to fix ‘terrible and broken’ TV industry

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced a new Apple TV is set for release next week, promising a shake-up for the “terrible and broken” TV industry which the fourth-generation device will apparently help to modernise.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer released – where’s Luke?

It’s all anyone can talk or tweet about today, as one of 2015’s most anticipated movies released its final official trailer. But the big question is, where’s Luke?

5. Your porn browsing history isn’t so secret after all

An eight-month-old blog post is getting lots of attention this week after it theorised how an internet user’s porn viewing habits could be revealed. All it takes is one hacker to follow the web trails left by cookie crumbs from email, to Facebook, to pornography and link it all together in a searchable platform. Worried?

6. Orange lichens could be source of future anti-cancer drug

Can rhubarb cure cancer? It’s a bold claim, but researchers analysing samples of orange lichens (found in abundance in the natural world, including in rhubarb) suggest that its pigment could hold the key to developing a drug for the treatment of leukaemia.

7. E-commerce analytics player Clavis to create 150 jobs as part of $20m investment

In yet another big day for jobs announcements, we had Fujitsu Ireland making the call for 35 new staff while up to 150 new jobs are set to be created by Dublin software company Clavis Insight after the company landed a $20m investment from Accel-KKR.

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Computer shut down image by MikhailSh via Shutterstock