Weekend takeaway: 10 top stories you need to read right now

19 Aug 2016

From space to gaming, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

Space Week: Vastness of space summed up in 4 handy articles

Check out our Space Week articles, which attempted to piece together some of the most out-there areas of space exploration today, including gravitational waves and asteroid mining.

10 Gamescom trailers to get us excited for the rest of 2016

Here are 10 titles being released in the coming months to whet our appetite for all of the weird and (potentially) wonderful titles next year.

We’re hiring: Online sub-editor

Silicon Republic has an opening for a sub-editor to work in-house as part of our busy editorial team.

Check out 43 incredible nature images from Australian awards

With frogs, cephalopods, sharks and more, the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition was a doozy. Check out these 43 images that stood out.

AOL DevFest gets devs to grips with world of ones and zeroes

AOL’s DevFest 2016 was held in Dublin this week as the company’s engineers came together to chat to colleagues about developing new ways of navigating a world of ones and zeroes.

New transparent wood windows will outshine glass for future homes

A team of engineers looking into different building materials in the home have found that the answer to better energy efficiency won’t be found by thickening glass, but by replacing it with transparent wood instead.

‘Inspirational’ Ourobotics founder Jemma Redmond dies unexpectedly

There was sad news for the Irish sci-tech community this week, with the news that pioneering Ourobotics founder and CEO Jemma Redmond had passed away unexpectedly.

Meet the sports photographer swapping his camera for an iPhone

Photography is an expensive industry, with equipment and software not coming cheap. But what if you could just use your iPhone? We spoke to a sports photographer who does just that.

What will the industrial internet of things mean for you?

With the ‘age of the machines’ imminent, check out what the industrial IoT could mean for you by taking a look at this infographic.

Leaders’ Insights: Linda Davis, Next Generation

Leadership insights from Linda Davis, the CEO of talent management agency Next Generation.

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