The iPhone at 8: the rise of Apple’s most lucrative money making machine (infographic)

29 Jun 2015

iPhone is Apple's cash cow - infographic

Eight years ago the iPod music device accounted for the majority of Apple’s revenues. But on 29 June 2007 that was to change with the launch of the iPhone and, 10 iPhone models later, some 700m iPhones have been sold worldwide.

On this day eight years ago, the iPhone went on sale in the US and the history of technology was transformed forever.

In Apple’s most recent Q2 financial results in April it revealed that iPhone sales brought in US$40.3bn in revenue, with some 61.1m iPhones sold during the quarter.

Today, the iPhone, the iPad, Mac and iTunes provide the majority of Apple’s revenues.

In 2007, the iPod was responsible for 48pc of Apple’s revenues while Mac brought in 34pc. Zoom forward to 2015 and the iPhone is bringing in 69pc of Apple’s revenues, while iPod no longer gets a mention and there are questions about the device’s future.

In the first year, Apple sold 1.39m iPhones. In 2014, Apple sold almost 170.2m iPhone devices.


iPhone revenues over eight years, infographic

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years