Weekend takeaway: Ireland emerges as a global cloud capital

16 Sep 2016

From Ireland emerging as the world’s cloud capital to a Cork internet of things inventor ruling the waves, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

1. Ireland: A base for 14 of the world’s fastest-growing cloud companies

We all know cloud is commonplace in Ireland, but a recent PwC report revealed just how much of this global industry is rooted on our shores.

2. 500 Startups’ Elizabeth Yin: ‘Selling is the key to success at SaaS’

Elizabeth Yin, partner at acclaimed Silicon Valley accelerator 500 Startups, warns that unless tech founders are prepared to hustle, sell and stare rejection straight in the eye, the entrepreneurial road will be a tough one.

3. PwC global MD Paul Leinwand: ‘The best companies design their futures’

Future Human

From Apple to Ikea, the one attribute that successful companies share is the ability to anticipate and then execute to deliver what their customers will want next, explained Paul Leinwand, a global managing director at PwC and co-author of a new book on strategy.

4. The IFDC has arrived to make inclusive design a thing of beauty

As Fashion Week hit New York, a very different kind of runway show was happening in Washington.

5. STEAM dissolves information privilege barrier between tech and arts

It can be common for groups like engineers and artists to think of themselves as purveyors of privileged information, but the growth of science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) is helping dissolve these barriers.

6. Smooth sailing: Cork inventor rules the waves with IoT security deal

Irish inventor Kevin Hennessey landed a major deal with one of the UK’s biggest outboard engine distributors for boats to deploy a digital security system for speedboats and yachts.

7. Dublin gears up for five smart solutions to cycle problems

With safety and theft two of the main reasons people won’t cycle in Dublin city centre, the city council has dipped its toe in the ‘smart’ market, with five companies on hand to help out.

8. Our future rests in the balance as Atlas robot stands tall

Boston Dynamics’ latest trick sees its pioneering robot Atlas balancing on a slender beam, constantly readjusting its weight to make sure it stays upright.

9. Sky’s the limit as Drone Racing League hits screens

One of the 21st century’s favourite inventions, drones are set to face off in the 2016 Drone Racing League after Sky, ESPN and ProSieben bought rights to air the competition.

10. iPhone 7 teardown reveals speaker grille that does nothing

A teardown of the iPhone 7 revealed all of the phone’s secrets, and that the second speaker grille that replaced the headphone jack is nothing more than an aesthetic fake.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years