Weekend takeaway: 10 essential tech reads to take with you

29 Jul 2016

Essential tech reading for the weekend

Ten nuggets of knowledge to take away for the weekend, including: why Ireland is the natural home for the internet of things, what’s the story with subscription box services, and the Ludgate Hub opening in Skibbereen.

1. 9 reasons why Ireland is the natural home for the internet of things

Sea, land, cities and sky – Ireland has an abundance of resources, brains and infrastructure that make it the natural home for researching and investing in the internet of things.

2. What’s the big deal with subscription box services?

Sound business strategy or soon-to-be-forgotten fad? We quizzed subscription box entrepreneurs on how their industry delivers.

3. Ludgate Hub opens in Skibbereen with connectivity to the fore

Almost one year to the day since its original planning, Skibbereen has welcomed a new 1Gb digital facility called The Ludgate Hub.

4. Irish synbio start-up first to offer DNA data storage on Amazon

An Irish synbio start-up is about to make waves in the fascinating world of DNA data storage after announcing that it will make it available to the masses on Amazon.

5. Apple parks car project in favour of self-driving tech

Having once focused on getting its own car to market as soon as possible, sources within Apple claim that plans to build a car have been parked to focus on autonomous car software.

6. As smartphones hit a plateau, is device-as-a-service the future?

Could owning a smartphone by subscription be the future for the industry as smartphone sales start to flatten?

7. Fjord co-founder Mark Curtis on the ‘rule of 3’ in design thinking

Despite his life’s work being innovative design, Mark Curtis, chief client officer and co-founder of Fjord, said design on its own is not enough. Rather, it’s all about the ‘rule of three’.

8. Solar breakthrough turns CO2 into burnable fuel

A potentially gamechanging breakthrough has been made in solar cell technology with the creation of cells that can cheaply and efficiently turn atmospheric CO2 into hydrocarbon fuel.

9. Oracle buys the original cloud player NetSuite for $9.3bn in cash

In one of the largest acquisitions in its history, Oracle has agreed to buy the world’s very first cloud software company, NetSuite, for $9.3bn in cash.

10. Ireland to get access to European life sciences data through Elixir

Irish researchers and companies working within the life sciences sector in Ireland are to get access to a European network of shared data.

Essential reading image by Dash Petrenko via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years