Weekend takeaway: 10 essential tech reads to take with you

5 Aug 2016

Essential tech reading for the weekend

Ten nuggets of knowledge to take away for the weekend, including: 10 ways technology changed the Olympics, how data is supporting the Irish Olympics team, and Wi-Fi wars.

1. 10 ways technology has changed the Olympics

With the summer’s sporting masterpiece now upon us, we look at 10 disciplines soon to come under the spotlight. How has technology changed the Games?

2. How data is supporting Team Ireland at the Olympics

Following a summer of smart use of sports data analysis, Emma Quinn finds out how Team Ireland is making use of data-driven insights for Rio 2016.

3. Sharon Vosmek to investors: ‘Be instinctive, invest in women’

Future Human

“Shut your mouth and write the cheque,” said Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia, at the recent Inspirefest 2016, as she tackled the fact that just 7pc of venture capital investments went to women founders, and that a corresponding percentage of venture capital firms have women partners.

4. The cable guy: David C McCourt on Ireland’s broadband future

One of America’s most successful telecoms, media and technology pioneers, David C McCourt has skin in the game when it comes to Ireland’s National Broadband Plan. As owner of Enet, one of three firms shortlisted to take on the plan, McCourt wants to bring his wholesale partnership model to the table.

5.Wireless wars: Virgin ignites the battle of the Wi-Fi routers

A bit like that Celtic Tiger ad “I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is” most people lucky enough to get broadband of any description in Ireland couldn’t tell the difference between 50Mbps and 1Gbps. But, according to Virgin Media, it will tell you pretty quickly if its Wi-Fi is rubbish.

6. Internet of thongs: Vodafone shows off IoT potential with smart swimwear

The internet of things will take tech companies to places they’ve never been before and, in Vodafone’s case, it is smart beachwear that is designed to prevent sunburn, detect UV rays and keep luggage safe.

7. Take a tour of Facebook’s Area 404 laboratory (photos)

Facebook has opened the doors of its Area 404 hardware labs, with the entire facility photographed for our pleasure.

8. Will Spotify’s Release Radar give it an edge over Apple Music?

In the ongoing battle for ears and credit card numbers between upstart Apple Music and established streaming giant Spotify, a new front has opened – algorithmically-personalised playlists of new releases.

9. Physicist-turned-writer gets to the heart of cities’ science

Laurie Winkless is lifting the lid on cities, exploring the science of how they work – and the results are fascinating. Claire O’Connell reports

10. Facebook algorithm change will drown out clickbait stories

Yep, we’ve all been there, the suggestive, alluring clickbait headline in News Feed that urges you to click to find out more or get an answer. Well, this stuff will be no more thanks to sweeping changes that Facebook is bringing to its News Feed algorithm.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years