Weekend takeaway: Welcome to the planet of the APIs

21 Oct 2016

Software is eating the world and APIs are eating software. Image: Pavel Ignatov

From the pioneering projects at Tyndall to the API economy, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

1. 13 pioneering technology projects underway at Tyndall

Researchers at Cork’s Tyndall National Institute are developing mind-blowing next-generation technology.

2. The API economy: APIs will eat Irish software

The API economy is eating software and Irish tech firms have a chance to reap the whirlwind.

3. Circle’s consumer fintech revolution arrives in Ireland and Spain

Future Human

Peer-to-peer payments platform Circle has gone live in Ireland and Spain, enabling consumers to send each other money via their smartphones.

4. Smith & Sinclair tastes sweet success at Uprise Festival in Dublin

In a pitch battle that involved fire, rapping and mooning, the international brigade ultimately prevailed at the Uprise Festival in Dublin, with confectioners Smith & Sinclair winning the overall €5,000 prize.

5. Ireland confirmed as one of the first Vodafone NB-IoT networks in early 2017

Ireland has been confirmed as one of the first locations for Vodafone’s commercial NB-IoT networks when it launches in early 2017.

6. The role of the developer: a steep learning curve, an exciting challenge

So you’ve decided you want to work in tech. What do you do next, and what can you expect from your future career?

7. How to hack your career with code

We read a lot about quick tips and tricks that can help you excel in your career. This week though, we learned one simple trick: just learn to code.

8. Future of work is something we must plan for – CWIT

As each industry undergoes its own form of digital revolution, predicting what the future of work will be is tricky, though it should not be discounted.

9. Do you treat your data as an asset?

IMI programme director Tadhg Nagle has four questions you can ask to see if you are treating your data right.

10. What are the sci-tech jobs of the future?

With roles in sci-tech and fintech on the rise, we spoke to some of the sector’s top companies about the future for jobs in the industry.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years