10 Apple fanboy memes, to celebrate their favourite day

10 Sep 2015

You may have noticed Apple revealing several new devices that you cannot live without. You may also notice devoted followers, already eyeing up a purchase.

It’s around about this time every year that Apple fanboys (all genders welcome under that deeply-troubling, popular tag) stand up from their desks, face the big screen and watch an Apple exec tell them why the product they bought last year was rubbish.

You need a new phone, a new tablet, a new pen! How have you survived on such outdated, clumsy crap that is now 366 days old?

Shame on you. Go to the Apple store. Buy the new product, lest someone see you outside with that wretched device.

Sure, not all of us are on an iOS device, but that doesn’t mean we know better, it means we know not.

My HTC didn’t get a glitzy showpiece, and my HP tablet never made the news, for shame.

Here are 10 memes, videos and troublingly honest tweets to help portray the world from the viewpoint of an Apple fanboy or, more importantly, from the viewpoint of the rest of us.

Apple fanboy memes



Apple fanboy meme

Apple Fanboy meme

Apple fanboy meme

Apple fanboy meme

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic