10 memes (and videos) to celebrate the 4th of July

4 Jul 2015

All across the US people are celebrating Independence Day, otherwise known as 4th of July, as a way of remembering when those pesky British were sent back to Britain.

In solidarity with those happy folk, we have decided to scour the internet for celebratory memes, cartoons and videos – of which we found but 10.

Interesting things to note at the outset: Firstly, Independence Day celebrates the US’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the same date back in 1776.

Secondly, the standard way to celebrate is have a BBQ, light fireworks and generally exist in a utopian world completely removed of any form of remembrance or appreciation of history. Exhibits A and B:

4th of July memes


Of course for people outside of the US, and perhaps many inside the US, 4th of July signifies the mid-90s human success story better known as ‘The time Will Smith killed all the aliens’. Exhibit C:

4th of July memes

But we can’t all profit from the jovial atmosphere. Exhibit D:

4th of July memes

There are some erroneous ‘facts’ flying around about US history, some modern, some old. Some so old, in fact, that people actually think James Van Der Beek won the battle of Dawson’s Creek to save ‘Murica! Exhibit E:

It does make you stop and think though, how many people have thought this whole celebration through? Exhibit F and G:

4th of July memes

Of course, the British haven’t forgotten. Exhibit H:

4th of July memes

Regardless, someone is blowing something up. Exhibit I:

4th of July memes

Bald eagle image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic