10 memes reminding you to register to vote before the 5 May deadline

24 Apr 2015

The deadline for those wanting to register to vote is 5 May, with two referenda in Ireland falling on 22 May. So if you need a nudge to make sure you cast your vote in #marref then here are 10 memes to give you a little more encouragement.

The first referendum on same-sex marriage is quite well known. It has provoked more debate on radio and in newspapers than many thought possible, but if you’re not registered, you can’t impact on the overall result.

It is basically deciding whether or not to award equal status to same-sex couples with regards to Ireland’s current civil marriage laws, which are the exclusive domain of opposite-sex couples as it stands.

The second, lesser-known referendum relates to the minimum age at which someone can run to be president of Ireland. Currently, a minimum age of 35 is required, with the referendum offering the electorate the chance to bring that down to 21 if they wish.

To register, or find out if you are already registered, pop over to www.vote.ie, where all the information is staring you right in the face.

register-to-vote-meme-1 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-2 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-3 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-4 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-5 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-6 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-7 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-8 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-9 referendum marref

register-to-vote-meme-10 referendum marref

Voting image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic