10 optical illusions to help you while away the day

19 May 2016

An image of a stone in a wall captured an awful lot of attention this week, so, to keep in the mood, here are 10 optical illusions to confuse your brain.

Colours and lines are things most of us feel we can manage when processing images. We can tell what’s in black and white, what’s got too much colour, we can spot straight lines, loops, circles and bends.

But can we? There are plenty of examples that prove our mind can be easily tricked. Here are 10 optical illusions. Enjoy:

cafe-wall Optical Illusion

Are these horizontal lines parallel or not?

no-spiral Optical Illusion

Can you see a spiral? If so, put a pen on to one of the boxes and follow it around from start to finish…

Its all about perspective

Panda Optical Illusion

Where is the panda?


Yes, or no?


Stare at the cross in the centre of the screen and watch as celebrity faces change… via Reddit

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Okay, the above is going to wreck your head, so here is an explanation:

There’s always room for some perspective (via Imgur)

Perspective optical illusion

What do you see below?

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Oh, here is the stone in the wall that started all of this off. It looks like a stone in a crevice of a wall. But do you see it yet?


Main umbrella image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic