1916 Rising told in all its Lego glory by clever Cork kids

29 Jan 2016

Schoolkids in Cork have recreated the 1916 Rising using stop-frame footage and Lego people as characters. The result? A simple retelling.

“Every man has his defined duty, which I know he will carry out to his utmost ability”. So starts the wonderful recreation of Ireland’s 1916 Rising, as told through Lego by third class students in Cork.

Along with the help of their teacher Michael O’Connor, kids from Sunday’s Well Boys National School show the taking of the GPO, the onslaught of bombing at the hands of the British and the eventual execution of the rebels.

Post office staff scarper, English soldiers are shot off their horses, a proclamation of independence is read and a daring escape sees a handful of Irish nationalists break free.

But, as in real life, it was a grisly end for some of the revolutionaries, with many lined up and shot for their crimes.

It’s a marvelous attempt for students so young and, with tens of thousands of views already, may be the start of a few more budding Irish film careers.

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Main Lego image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic