5 funny chase scenes, with geese, swans, Rambro and a koala

19 Aug 2015

A video has surfaced of a cattle farmer in Australia being chased down by the most fearsome creature in the world: the koala. So here are a few other oddly entertaining chase scenes involving animals.

When animals attack: Chased by a koala

Ebony Churchill, out to milk her cows in Victoria, got a shock the other day when a koala chased her down.

Audibly concerned, Churchill narrates the scene with undying integrity, chiming in with gems like, “he’s on me freaking bike”, “get away, get away!” and “p**s off”, before running from her quad bike and watching as the terrifying beast hangs onto the rear wheel.

It’s fair to say her concern isn’t shared by the koala.

“I was amazed he wanted that much attention,” she said to News.com.au. “I didn’t expect him to keep chasing.” Of her reactions as it was happening, Churchill explains, “they’ve got sharp claws”.

You decide.

When animals attack: Chased by a goose

This reminded us of another YouTube post a few months ago. Uploader rcf7754 said he was on “a typical Friday night out” with his young daughter, before he captured a scene that she will have nightmares about for the rest of her life.

After being egged on by her father, the girl runs around a pond and throws some dirt at a goose. Turns out the goose is not too happy and chases her down. She freaks out, falls, and her father laughs heartily.

When animals attack: Chased by a ram

Speaking of animals not content with the introduction of man into their immediate surroundings, here’s another YouTube sensation from a few years back.

A motorcyclist was riding down what looks like a dirt lane only to be met by Rambro, an angry ram with a penchant for chases.

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Rambro the angry ram now has its own Facebook page, such is his fame.

When animals attack: Chased by a bear

Of course, not all chases can be laughed at like the ones above, with some looking genuinely scary.

Take this cyclist, for example, who got a shock late last year when he spotted something lurking in the woods while out for a ride.

Noticing a bear – which noticed him, too, unfortunately – he speeds off for what feels like an age.

Every time he turns back he sees the bear, barrelling down on him, before he ditches the bike and heads for the trees.

Luckily for the cyclist, the bear is scared off by the sound of gunshots.

When animals attack: Chased by swans

Lastly we have the funniest of the lot. Out for a game of peaceful golf, ‘Stanny’ is interrupted from his backswing by a pair of black swans.

Intent on ruining his round, they chase him for a while, much to the amusement of the man filming. Some of the language is NSFW, but it’s really funny all the same.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic