8 reasons why the UK would like to keep Scotland in its kingdom

18 Sep 2014

Image via Jiri Flogel/Shutterstock

As Scottish citizens vote ‘Aye’ or ‘Nay’ in the independence referendum, we take a look at Scotland through the prism of internet memes and wonder what the UK might miss most.

Scotland was once an independent sovereign state, but that changed in 1707 when the Treaty of the Union created the Kingdom of Great Britain.

In May 2011, the Scottish National Party won an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament, which then set the northern third of this land mass on the road to the referendum taking place today.

Up to yesterday, polls deemed the result of the referendum too close to call, leaving the future of this fine country sitting on a knife-edge.

But what is it that makes Scotland so great, you ask?

1. Unicorns

The first thing you need to know about Scotland is that its national animal is the unicorn, which puts any other country’s spirit animal to shame.

Scotland memes Scotland memes

2. Deep-fried Mars bars

As far as cuisine goes, Scotland has made a name for itself as the place where one can indulge in a deep-fried Mars bar, which, when you really think of it, isn’t that unusual.

Scotland memes

3. Irn-Bru

You can wash down that ‘chocolate chip’ with a delicious Irn-Bru, the beverage of choice for some Scots.

Scotland memes

4. Scottish strongmen

A diet of orange fizzy and battered chocolate bars gives Scots great strength, if the national pastime of tossing cabers is anything to go by.

Scotland memes

5. Hogwarts

Taking the Harry Potter series as a reference point, schools in Scotland are truly magnificent.

Scotland memes

6. Reputation

Plenty of celebrated people have come from Scotland – Andy Murray, Sean Connery, Annie Lennox, Alexander Graham Bell, Billy Connolly, James McAvoy, Andrew Carnegie, Ewan McGregor, Robert Burns – we can all name at least one.

Scotland memes

7. Hipster cred

Scotland has hipsters, too, though they tend to keep to the fringes of society.

Scotland memes Scotland memes

8. If it’s good enough for James Bond…

Scotland is also quite the holiday destination, if you’re looking for a proper break from work.

Scotland memes

So, obviously, the UK wants to keep this glorious country in its kingdom, which would be a lot less cool without it.

Scotland memes

Scottish flag image by Jiri Flogel via Shutterstock

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