Adele’s ‘Hello’ narrated by David Attenborough is brilliant

4 Nov 2015

Adele pictured at the Grammy Awards in 2012. Photo via via Featureflash/Shutterstock

At this stage there have been countless parodies of Adele’s brand new mega-hit Hello.

However, when BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James was lucky enough to have the much-loved David Attenborough in the studio, he decided to do something a little different and asked the presenter to use his dulcet tones to narrate the start of the singer’s music video.

And while a little worried about doing it at first, asking, “won’t Adele be cross with me?”, Attenborough obliges, and the result is pretty majestic, with the legendary wildlife presenter even making a joke about the fact that Adele is still using a flip phone in 2015.

Can it get much better than having David Attenborough narrate some of your music video? Probably not.

To be fair, though we’ve probably reached saturation point with them at this stage, some of the Adele-inspired parodies have been pretty impressive.

The Viper from RTÉ comedy series Hardy Bucks got in on the action pretty early, and has notched up more than 1.2m views on YouTube with his parody.


Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres also got some laughs by revealing a chat between her and Adele was the inspiration behind the hit.


While Lady Gaga also tried to give Adele a call.

Will any parody be able to top David Attenborough’s input though? Unlikely.

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Adele photo via Featureflash/Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.