Apple’s Olympics ad is a Maya Angelou love poem to the ‘Human Family’

4 Aug 2016

The Apple ad for the Olympics features a poem Human Family by poet laureate Maya Angelou

Shot entirely on iPhone, Apple’s new ad for the Olympic Games is a love poem addressed to the global family.

The ad is a kind of soothing balm at a time when racial, religious and political tensions are at dangerous heights worldwide. It sends out its own powerful message for peace and acceptance, in a gentle way.

While the ad is promoting the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, it focuses more on the meaning behind the words through a vignette of beautiful, diverse images of people.

The ad, entitled ‘The Human Family’, celebrates diversity and the fact that the world is more beautiful because everybody is different.

The ad is narrated in the form of a poem by famed poet laureate Maya Angelou “Human Family.”

The ad will air in the US tomorrow night (5 August) on NBC during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The abridged version of the poem in the ad runs as follows:

I note the obvious differences

in the human family.

Some of us are serious,

some thrive on comedy.

I’ve sailed upon the seven seas

and stopped in every land,

I’ve seen the wonders of the world

not yet one common man.

I know ten thousand women

called Jane and Mary Jane,

but I’ve not seen any two

who really were the same. 

Mirror twins are different

although their features jibe,

and lovers think quite different thoughts

while lying side by side. 

I note the obvious differences

between each sort and type,

but we are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.

We are more alike, my friends,

than we are unalike.


Maya Angelou street art image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years