Google Doodle celebrates autumnal equinox ringing in new season

22 Sep 2016

Autumn. Image: Shutterstock

Today (22 September) is the first day of autumn, signified by an almost identical length of daytime and night-time. Google is celebrating.

As of 3.20pm (IST) today, the autumnal equinox is officially upon us; the summer signing off with a cold, orange end.

Equinox is Latin for ‘equal night’, with the date sharing an almost equal amount of daytime and night-time.

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Autumnal Equinox

Linked to the planet’s rotation and axis tilt, from today until December, the Earth will gradually tilt further away from the sun as the days get shorter.

Google has created a Doodle to celebrate the event, with leaves falling from the trees and some rocks enjoying the show.

Autumnal Equinox


Given the historic influence of astrological measurements, celebrations are held around the world for events like this.

There will be an autumnal equinox celebration held at the Hill of Tara, Co Meath, on Sunday 25 September, for example.

In keeping with the theme of equinox, half of the celebration will be before sunset while the other half take place after dark.

In the southern hemisphere, the vernal equinox signifies the first day of spring. This time, the Earth’s axis gradually tilts closer and closer to the sun as countries below the equator enjoy the mirrored effect of what happens up north. Again, Google is on hand with a Doodle to celebrate.

Autumnal Equinox

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic