Bad Lip Reading is back with ‘Redneck Avengers’ – Gigglebit

26 May 2015

Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson star as Hawkeye and the Black Widow in Marvel’s The Avengers. Photo via

It’s been four months since the last Bad Lip Reading hit YouTube, but this instalment of ‘Redneck Avengers’ has been worth the wait.

The Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel is famous for putting funny words in celebrities’ mouths, and its take on the Avengers film series is no exception.

Without spoiling anything from the Marvel movie franchise, Bad Lip Reading transforms the incredible superhero team into a pack of rowdy, incoherent rednecks, exploiting this exaggerated country stereotype for the sake of a few giggles.

For added context, the YouTube series even relocated SHIELD’s headquarters to a rusty trailer.

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