Bastille Day is upon us, the internet reacts

14 Jul 2015

Bastille Day is upon us, the date when French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille on their way to overthrowing Louis XVI. With that memes are a-flowing, and Twitter is a-tweeting.

Twitter seems to have commandeered most major holidays lately, with countless ‘Happy X Day’ tweets flowing out of thousands of surely uninterested accounts, celebrities looking to win some followers and businesses selling their services.

But when that celebration is French, it seems stereotypes and foodstuffs dominate proceedings more than normal.

Of course, at first comes an element of confusion as popular sweets, and contemporary music, result in crossed wires:

Bastille Day - Fruit pastilles

But slowly people recognise the significance of one of modern history’s most famous revolutions:Bastille Day

With that, it’s all about celebrating with pictures, whether you’re a major camera company taking cool snaps, or an opportunistic 1980s British TV star:

Then comes the ‘oh don’t they have a dance?’ thinking:

Of course, contemporary politics means certain embarrassing US topics need a rehash:

And computer games get their inevitable introduction:

But eventually the internet, as always, boils down to stereotypes:

French Toast - Bastille Day

Bastille Day wine

And with that another truly historic anniversary is treated to the modern internet experience.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic