Breaking Bad most tweeted about show ever, according to Nielsen

3 Jun 2014

Breaking Bad is reportedly the most tweeted about TV show ever after a report compiled by Nielsen – who monitor TV viewership numbers and social media – while the Superbowl had the greatest online activity.

According to their figures, 9.1m people in the US were watching and tweeting during the final episode broadcast last September, while the two lead actors of the show, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, generated approximately 9,000 and 51,000 tweets, respectively.

The second most tweeted about show in the US was another show broadcasted by AMC, The Walking Dead.

With an average audience of 5.1m between September 2013 and May 2014, the zombie survival show actually had more tweets on average across the entire show with estimates of 576,000 tweets sent after the screening of a new episode.

Meanwhile, the NFL Superbowl dominated the American ‘tweetosphere’ with an incredible 25.3m tweets posted about the major sporting event reaching 15.3m unique Twitter accounts.

The most-trending hashtag of the night – #esurancesave30 – was tweeted 1.8m times.

The Oscars award ceremony unsurprisingly also dominated US Twitter followers who, with the help of Ellen de Generes’ selfie, reached 1bn impressions across 13.9m accounts.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic