Search for mobile phone on a carpet is frustrating Facebook users

12 Jul 2016

Like a twisted game of Where’s Wally?, a photo posted on Facebook is driving a lot of people mad as they attempt to find the mobile phone hidden in a section of carpet.

This latest carpet mystery comes in a long line of photographic trickery posts that have stoked enormous interest online, with no better example than the picture of a dress that had people asking whether it was black or blue.

While that was open to interpretation, this time around Jeya May Cruz from the Philippines provides us with a much more definitive problem, asking where exactly on this section of carpet a mobile phone is.

‘I’m sorry if it made your eyes hurt and head ache’

The carpet, which looks like something from the early 1990s, is certainly full of visual cues that put you off the scent, particularly when you’re just told: “Let’s play a game. Look for the cellphone.”

Cruz has been shocked at the amount of attention this photo has gotten – with it having garnered 143,000 reactions at the time of writing and over 18,000 shares – having said in a response to one user: “Thank you everyone, I can’t believe this would become viral. I’m sorry if it made your eyes hurt and head ache … Thank you again!”

What type of mobile phone? Is the table a giant mobile phone? Maybe the carpet has cellular technology within it?

Of course, these questions are ridiculous, but check out her post and, if I were to hint at anything, I would just say go through each part with a fine comb as you’ll likely be surprised where you’ll find it.

This is an endurance test more than anything, so let us know on Twitter if you spot it!

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Carpet image via Jeya May Cruz/Facebook

Phone on a carpet image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic