Conor McGregor beaten to the punch for YouTube video of 2015

9 Dec 2015

Conor McGregor, via Wikimedia Commons

A promotional campaign by Always was Ireland’s top trending video of 2015, with #LikeAGirl seeing off Conor McGregor, Xbox and Irish accents.

YouTube has released its top trending videos for Ireland in 2015, with the bizarre group of videos ranging from big brand advertising campaigns to a really annoying sweet-eating video.

However, what’s telling is that diversity issues are prominent. In top spot, as noted, is Always’ #LikeAGirl advert from the summer. It’s actually been viewed 38m times, globally.

In second spot was BuzzFeed’s Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History while down in eighth is an American Ad Council video promoting diversity and inclusion.

Conor McGregor discussing a fan that passed away this year was fourth on the list, with Ray D’Arcy’s widely talked about interview with Jack Nicholson impersonator Norman Deesing peaking our interest, too.

Weirdly, neither my favourite video of the year, a compilation of cats getting freaked out by cucumbers, nor my colleague Elaine’s (anything with Hotline Bling) featured, which makes me suspicious.

On the music video front, Adele’s Hello, which only came out a couple of weeks ago, is actually the fifth most popular of the year, with Wiz Khalifa, DJ Snake, Ellie Goulding and Maroon 5 denying her top spot.

So here, without further ado, is the top 10 videos, measured by watches, shares, comments and likes:

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic