#Dinoweek, Instagram’s cuddly palaeontology treat

20 Nov 2015

#Dinoweek is upon us, haven’t you heard? The result of having such a celebration is countless dogs in drag. Dino drag. It’s essentially Dino Drag Week. And, thankfully, the timeframe is negotiable.

To explain exactly what it is, Dinoweek (or Dino Week, as originally planned) is essentially a promotional drive by Disney in advance of the release of The Good Dinosaur, a children’s film that’s due out on 25 November.

So, Instagrammers have capitalised on the trend and dressed their pooches up accordingly.

So, without further ado (and kicked off by Maple, of Trench and Maple fame), behold a retelling of Jurassic Park III – ok it’s not quite a retelling but that film was so rubbish let’s replace it in our minds with these lil’ guys.

Cidersauresrex #DinoWeek #tinytrexarms @thegooddinosaur @barkbox

A photo posted by @kelseyyukolis on

So cute, it’s scary. @thegooddinosaur @barkbox #dinoweek #tinytrexarms A photo posted by Alfie (@sir.alfie) on

It’s Dino time #DinoWeek #tinytrexarms @barkbox @thegooddinosaur A photo posted by Julia ~ (@lakingsfan11) on

#dinoweek #tinytrexarms @thegooddinosaur @barkbox @frank_the_funnyfrenchie #dinodogs

A photo posted by @lickybear on

Rawwwwwr means I Love you! #DinoWeek #tinytrexarms @barkbox @thegooddinosaur #ChangoThePitbull A photo posted by Chango ?(SnapChat? evelandar) (@changothehandsomepittie) on

#DinoWeek #tinytrexarms @thegooddinosaur @BarkBox

A photo posted by Jan Havasi (@janesekayh) on

Roar!!! Griffasaurus Owen. Did someone say #dinoweek? A photo posted by • o w e n • (@owenthegriff) on


A photo posted by @leoandthecity on

A little #tbt for Jack as a #dinodog for #dinoweek @barkbox #TinyTRexArms #FerociousBeastDog A photo posted by Andrew (@elgato83) on

? @thegooddinosaur @barkbox #DinoWeek #tinytrexarms A photo posted by @daily.lilo on

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Main Dinoweek image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic