Dublin You Are, a brilliant viral video of Ireland’s capital

4 Nov 2015

A new video backed by Dublin 2020 showcasing Ireland’s capital has recently gone online and it’s a doozy, aimed at showing why Dublin should be the European Capital of Culture 2020.

Dublin 2020 is a campaign to see the capital beat off competition from Galway, Limerick and the South East for the coveted title after Ireland and Croatia were named the hosts for the accolade in five years’ time.

Yesterday (3 November), a collaboration between a few Dublin-based artists – notably poet Stephen James Smith, illustrator Aoife Dooley, photographer Derek Kennedy and videographers Aiden Kelly and Wissame Cherfie – and Dublin 2020 called Dublin You Are went online.

Shot throughout the streets of Dublin and narrated by the poetry of Smith, the short five-minute video is very, very good.

A few choice bits of language, sure, but nothing to be worried about. The Floozie in the Jacuzzi gets a nod, as does Fortycoats. Sam Maguire, busking and a shoutout to foreign nationals all make the grade.

It’s worth a watch.

“The video [captures] the good and the bad of Dublin, the successes and the failures, the community and the divide – in essence, it reflects much of the ideas that came from the conversations and workshops Dublin 2020 had with people all over Dublin over the past year,” said Dublin 2020.

“The team has created a visual representation of what Dublin is today, a fair portrayal of the city’s grim and glory, where the visuals complement the written narrative.”

Dublin City image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic