Eircode launches new Irish postcode system, Twitter reacts

13 Jul 2015

Ireland’s first national postcode service, Eircode, has launched, overhauling the country’s current postal tagging system and replacing it with what is hoped will be a more accurate way of finding addresses.

Today’s creation will see more than 2m homes and businesses around Ireland given a new seven-digit code, doing away with the previous system that, according to the Department of Communications, sees 35pc of Irish addresses shared between at least two properties.

Under the new system, your seven-digit code will be broken into two parts. The first three digits will be location identifiers, with the final four being unique codes to every property.

The location identifiers will mirror many current postcodes. So in Dublin, for example, a home in Dublin 1 will start its new seven-digit code with D01, with four unique letters and numbers to follow.

You can find your Eircode here, with Twitter already awash with confusion, disgust, warnings and, of course, humour…


Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic