COYBIG: Did you land free Hailo credit this morning?

23 Jun 2016

Republic of Ireland legend Robbie Brady, via Wikimedia Commons

Never one to miss a trick, transport app Hailo has hopped on the back of the Euro 2016 bandwagon with a tranche of free credit for Irish users. Are you one of the lucky recipients?

Is your name Robbie Brady, Robert, Rob, Robbie or Brady? If so, check your Hailo account, as the company just got a bit generous.

To celebrate last night’s (22 June) Republic of Ireland victory over Italy – which sent the Irish team into the knockout rounds of Euro 2016 – Hailo’s response is emphatic.

Everybody who shares their name with the goalscorer, or even part of their name, is receiving €5 credit.

I reckon there are quite a lot of Roberts out there, and the surname Brady is hardly rare, so this is quite the promotional trick.

“We are buzzing for the team and to help everyone who shares Robbie Brady’s bravery and name we are helping them to get to their destinations faster in the next 48 hours as they mark the celebrations,” said Tim Arnold, GM of Hailo Ireland.

It’s not the first time Hailo has capitalised on the Irish mood, with its free trips to and from the polling booths for last year’s marriage referendum a particular highlight. There was even a rainbow-coloured taxi driving around during the week of the vote.

Last October’s rail strike saw Hailo – and all taxi services – profit big time, with the company releasing maps of its business intake during key commute times.

The Robbie Brady credit expires at midnight on Friday.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic