Le Clock Sportif: When Panini stickers and Euro 2016 collide

10 Jun 2016

With Euro 2016 set to kick off, the silly season of online gimmicks is upon us. But this Panini sticker clock is a sight to behold.

Le Clock Sportif Euro 2016

In The Company of Huskies is a company that has produced some fantastic little whimsical projects in the past.

Future Human

Last November, for example, it brought us Is Dublin Busy?. A collection of live data, like traffic cams, car park spaces, weather and shop opening and closing times, it was a nice tool to help plan last-minute Christmas shopping.

In March, the company, sick and tired of people calling St Patrick’s Day ‘Patty’s Day’, created the No More Patty extension. The simple idea replaced Patty with Paddy, wherever you saw it online.

Now, though, is its masterpiece. Le Clock Sportif is a clock, with a twist. Instead of numbers, you see really old Panini stickers of footballers whose jersey number corresponds with particular digits.

Euro 2016 Le Clock Sportif

So when I saw it first this morning, the time was John Aldridge: Thomas Vermaelen Ray Houghton: Pep Guardiola Dino Zoff.

Again, trivial, but wonderful. An additional note, if you click on a player’s sticker you’ll be brought to a YouTube video of them doing their best or worst.

Aldridge going nuts at USA ’94, Martin Skrtel scoring a brilliant own goal, Alessandro Nesta’s entire catalogue of AC Milan goals, etc.

Euro 2016 Le Clock Sportif

“We’re big fans of the old Panini stickers here at Huskies and decided to  make a clock out of them – for no particular reason,” said Dan Nugent, of In The Company of Huskies. “Simply tell the time by recalling the players squad numbers from many years ago.

“Lash it up on an unused screen in the workplace for the entirety of the competition, have a ‘Who Can Tell the Time’ competition, waste some time watching videos, we don’t know.” Simply, enjoy!

Euro 2016 Le Clock Sportif

Main Euro 2016 image via Nazionale Calcio/Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic