12 fantastic Facebook fails from 2015

29 Dec 20151.35k Views

As 2015 draws to its inevitable close, humanity’s whims and impulsive ramblings have been captured like never before. With that, of course, comes fails.

Facebook’s brilliance is how it ropes us into a fictional, digital world and encourages us to take part in everything: sharing, commenting, linking, following and, above all, staring.

Stare at your phone, your tablet, your computer, your nearest screen – that’s what this age has become.

As ever, Lamebook is an endless pit of funny examples of our foolish side. It could be a tiny typo, sending a message to the wrong person or a complete miscomprehension of even the simplest of ideas. Regardless, it is immortalised on screen.

So, to add yet more cheer to your festivities, we’ve included a dirty dozen of the best fails and jokes from the year.

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And, not to be mocking everyone and anyone, we even include a wonderful example of Facebook users sharing with us a moment of true human kindness.

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And, of course, a win to end the year:Facebook Fails

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