The 13 funniest animal photos of 2015 are guaranteed to give you a fit of giggles

1 Dec 2015

‘Rush Hour’ by Julian Rad, winner of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. © Julian Rad / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The results of the annual Comedy Wildlife Photo contest are in – and certain to make you laugh in the face of nature’s beautiful creatures.

Last month, an esteemed panel of judges led by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks had to pore over fantastically funny animal photos, selecting the 13 greatest from entries to the first-ever Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Tough job.

Judges included some familiar faces from the telly, with wildlife TV presenter Kate Humble and comedian Hugh Dennis representing two key elements of this contest.

That said, photography is also critical to success, and the skill of this shot from 2015 winner Julian Rad is matched by its comic relief, encapsulated with the title ‘Rush Hour’.

The Austrian photographer’s wild European hamster was celebrated for being “technically incredible and hilariously funny” and with those puffed cheeks and look of solid determination, it’s hard not to see our own selves trying to catch the fitness bug in this little fellah.

2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winner, Julian Rad

‘Rush Hour’ by Julian Rad. © Julian Rad/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Stags are also photo favourites. So iconic. So majestic. Like this silver runner-up captured in Richmond Park, London.

Funny animal photos deer

‘You Haven’t Seen Me…” by Liam Richardson. © Liam Richardson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

2015 is the year we all fell in love with the handsome gorilla at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, but check out this absolute stunner (and bronze runner-up).

Funny animal photos gorilla

‘Nearly Got It’ by Oliver Dreike. © Oliver Dreike/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

But with so many comic animal poses to capture in the wild, the judges couldn’t just pick a mere three for recognition – and here are some more of the highly commended entrants. (The hippo is an absolute belter. Ready your funny bone.)

First up, a Madagascan sifaki in Fort Dauphin, Toliara, practises tai chi.

Funny animal photos

‘Dancing Sifaki’ by Alison Buttigieg. © Alison Buttigieg /Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Funny animal photos bird

‘Geronimo’ by Charlie Davidson. © Charlie Davidson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Funny animal photos owls

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd’ by Graham McGeorge. © ‘Graham McGeorge/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

At this point, you likely resemble Julie Hunt’s seal.

Funny animal photos seal

‘It’s not funny… I’ve got cramp in my flipper!’ by Julie Hunt. © Julie Hunt/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Taken in Tanzania, Marc Mol’s photo dispels the myth of hippos’ symbiotic relationship with the oxpecker.

Funny animal photos hippo

‘Driven Hippo-Potty-Mus’ by Marc Mol. © Marc Mol/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Funny animal photos birds

‘Sorry… Am I In Your Way?’ by Megan Lorenz. © Megan Lorenz/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

These baby baboons in Kenya look like a pair of besties about to take a selfie.

Funny animal photos baboons

‘Last Tango’ by Tony Dilger. © Tony Dilger/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

This poor lad in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa is filled with regret – maybe he’s remembering some more incriminating photos from the previous night?

Funny animal photos

‘Pants! Did I really do that last night…?’ by Yuzure Masuda. © Yuzuru Masuda/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Funny animal photos squirrel

‘Kung Fu Squirrel’ by Julian Rad. © Julian Rad/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Funny animal photos cheetah

‘Be Different’ by Mohammed Alnaser. © Mohammed Alnaser/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, in association with Nomad Tanzania, Natural High Safaris, Nikon UK, Kenya Airways and One Vision, took place in London on 11 November.

Already looking ahead to next year, the competition is open to amateur and professional photographers, and the top prize this year was a Nikon D750 camera plus a seven-day photographic safari with Joynson-Hicks.

While good for a laugh, the competition is intended to raise awareness for international wildlife conservation charity the Born Free Foundation. Born Free works worldwide to protect animals in the wild, rescuing vulnerable animals and providing lifetime care in bush sanctuaries.

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