20 ways to tell a geek how you feel this Valentine’s Day

12 Feb 2016

Valentines Day shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun, especially if your significant other is a total geek. So, why not add a bit of humour to your day of love.

You know the drill: How can I convey my feelings for my other half, but keep it all related to a specific geeky niche?

We’ve already looked at romantic movies on Netflix for you two to chill with, which is such a stereotypical avenue that we supplemented that with a bunch of Valentine’s Day fails to restore the balance.

But, worry no further. We’ve (with help from colleague Elaine) trawled the web to find the funniest Valentine’s Day cards for anyone from astronomy enthusiasts to Twitter addicts.

If your girlfriend is a Skyrim addict, or your boyfriend a graphic designer, we’ve got you covered (here are last year’s, too).


Funny valentinesVia the Paper Cub

Funny valentinesVia Nerdy Dirty

Chemistry fans

Funny valentinesVia Nerdy Dirty

Coding geeks

Funny valentinesVia Free Dating

Funny valentinesVia Free Dating


Funny valentinesVia Imgur

Funny valentinesVia Etsy

Film and TV nuts

Funny valentinesVia WK Goodness

Funny valentinesVia Etsy


Funny valentinesVia someecards

Apple nuts

Funny valentinesVia Business Grow

Twitter addicts

Funny valentinesVia someecards

Graphic designers

PS I love youVia Behance

JpegVia WK Goodness

Pixel perfectVia Walyou

Maths maniacs

Pie chart of loveVia Emily McDowell

Maths equationVia Imgur


Microbiology loveVia Imgur

General science enthusiasts

Kelvin scale funny valentinesVia

Periodic table funny valentinesVia Etsy

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