Gigglebit: 14 tech-inspired pumpkins for geeky Halloween ghouls

29 Oct 2014

Space Invaders pumpkin image via Geek TV

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With Gigglebit, we turn the spotlight on humorous and/or amazing content about science and tech, because sometimes the lighter side should be taken seriously, too.

Today, we bring you some tech-inspired ideas to bring a touch of geekery to the Halloween ritual of pumpkin-carving.

1. Grumpy Cat

This no-carve pumpkin pattern is perfect for those who really don’t want to get into the spirit of things and just wish Halloween would go away already.

Grumpy Cat pumpkin

Image via The Swell Designer

2. Pac-Man

If you have multiple pumpkins to work with, a Pac-Man scene is another no-carve option.

Pac-Man pumpkin

Image via ZeldaFanWithATacoXD/deviantART

3. Apple

A classic, and none too difficult either.

Apple logo pumpkin

Image via DesignWebKit

4. Minecraft Creepers

Who needs a typical orange pumpkin when you can make Minecraft Creepers out of green pumpkins, green squash, courgettes or bell peppers.

Minecraft Creeper pumpkins

Image via Alpha Mom

5. Emoticons

Go wild for a whole range of punctuated emotions.

Emoticon pumpkins

Image via Leah Tucker/ThinkGeek Facebook

6. Xbox power button

This pumpkin weilds all the power.

Xbox pumpkin

Image via harrysaxon23/Flickr

7. Space Invaders

Pixelated shapes like the famous Space Invaders aliens are a doddle for intermediate pumpkin-carvers.

Space Invaders pumpkin

Image via Geek TV

8. QR Code

If your pumpkin-carving is meticulous, you might just manage to pull this one off.

QR code pumpkin

Image via QR Code Artist

9. Firefox

For the more advanced pumpkin-carver, the Mozilla browser’s logo was just made for this rotund orange shape.

Mozilla Firefox pumpkin

Image via

10. Angry Birds

The genius of this carving is the slingshot shadow projected from the reverse.

Angry Birds pumpkin

Image via

11. R2-D2

OK, we’re moving into expert pumpkin-carving territory here with this incredible R2-D2 recreation.

R2-D2 pumpkin

Image via Fantasy Pumpkins

12. Death Star

This expert-level pumpkin has the added bonus of being more than a bit intimidating to look at.

Death Star pumpkin

Image via Fantasy Pumpkins

13. Tetris pumpkin

If you’re a more skilled pumpkin carver who laughs at the simplicity of the previous designs, this tech treat is for you: a fully playable Tetris pumpkin. The stalk is a joystick – just try and beat that!

Tetris pumpkin

Image via HaHa Bird

14. The Wi-Fi is down

And, finally, behold: the scariest pumpkin you will ever see. Noooooo!!!

The Wi-Fi is down pumpkin

Image via

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