Gigglebit: Christmas season highs and lows in gifs

3 Dec 2014

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Now that it is December, the Christmas season is well under way, and what is many people’s busiest time of year. 

The season comes with highs that include the prospect of time off and spending time with people you care about, as well as lows, such as battling crowds while Christmas shopping and stressing out over what to buy that aunt who always says she doesn’t want anything.

This collection of gifs takes us through a typical December.

First comes the realisation you still haven’t written your Christmas cards, let alone post them.

So you vow to pick some up while bracing yourself to head out and face the crowds of shoppers.

You knew the shops would be busy but you didn’t expect this:

May you never be involved in a tug-of-war with another customer over the last coveted item in a shop.

You managed to purchase a Christmas tree and put it up relatively smoothly.

The Christmas lights are also in place, being all Christmassy and bright (well done, you are now visible from space).

Remember to mind the oven during all that Christmas baking …

… and to have fun with your co-workers at the office party.

In the midst of all of this, people who have birthdays in December will be feeling like this:

Before you know it, it’s the night before Christmas.

And you still have presents to wrap.

Then it’s Christmas Day, when you get to spend time with the family!

Capping off the month is New Year’s Eve. Who doesn’t deserve a bash at the end of December?

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic