Gigglebit: John Travolta’s creepy Oscar appearance is immortalised in memes

26 Feb 2015

Actor John Travolta. Photo via Shutterstock

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Actor John Travolta appeared at the Academy Awards last Sunday to give a serious lesson in creeping people the hell out.

Having been snapped on the red carpet attempting to give a seemingly not-too-keen Scarlett Johansson a kiss on the cheek, the Pulp Fiction star was later on the Oscar stage to present the award for Best Original Song, where he proceeded to lean in and stroke Frozen‘s Idina Menzel’s face (which was pre-planned, apparently).

Travolta was also seen giving the back of actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s head what can only be described as a a nightmarish death-stare.

Live tweeting the annual gala was New York magazine, which straight away spotted that the photograph of Johansson and Travolta was a little odd.

Twitter users, Reddit users and others has been poking fun at the three instances all week, creating a series of memes featuring the 61-year-old actor. Here are some the best. 


via Reddit/TheUnderfold

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John Travolta image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic