Gigglebit: Thunder cats are go (video)

14 Feb 2015

Gigglebit is Siliconrepublic’s daily dose of the funny and fantastic in science and tech, to help start your day on a lighter note. Today kittens defend the earth from rampaging robots.

Today we realise that cats – not dogs – are man’s best friend and will defend us valiantly in the case of a War of the Worlds type invasion from outer space.

Observe how the feisty felines do battle with the Frisbee firing battle bot from hell.

Take heart from their boundless energy and gamely way of tackling this digital insectoid, luring the dastardly droid into an ambush of their own devising.

Quake in terror as they surround Megatron’s minion, making it fire all its guns at once and flail wildly to defend itself.

Wonder at their cool demeanour as they roll on their backs before charging fearlessly at the infernal machine.

Cheer as momma cat defends her brood, heroically snatching Frisbees out of the air before charging the digital despot before it retreats, wounded to regroup.

But don’t they look cute though?

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years