Hide and seek is way better when a toddler wears a GoPro

5 Feb 2016

Two clever parents strapped a GoPro to their toddler’s head for a game of hide and seek. The result is an amazing look into the world of an infant.

Hide and seek is as basic as a game can get. You hide, they seek. They hide, you seek. Kids love it, parents love it. We all fall down.

But what is it like for a child? Perhaps you don’t know. Perhaps you don’t remember too much from when you were a toddler. Most memories you do have will be clouded with revisions and romance.

So two enterprising parents had a clever idea, putting a GoPro on their toddler’s head and then hiding in the wardrobe. It takes a couple of minutes for the toddler to work it all out but, as you watch, you get to see a plan come together.

“We were watching the live preview on my phone and laughing so hard. I’m surprised he couldn’t hear us,” the parents wrote in the video.

It’s been watched more than 1m times in just a day. And the dog is a total snitch.


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Hide and seek image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic