Hailo’s #MarRef push creates hilarious ‘Heterophobic Taxi Driver’ (video)

20 May 2015

After already issuing its own free taxi ride to the polling station for the upcoming marriage referendum, Hailo has sent a heterophobic taxi driver around Dublin. It’s hilarious.

There are only two days left before the heavily publicised referendum – it’s actually two votes, one concerning marriage, the other relating to the permitted age of the Irish President – and the push to ensure everybody goes out and votes is reaching its climax.

Social media has been used to tremendous effect already in the build up, but the latest promotions from both Hailo and Uber have brought some tangible aids to getting out and voting.

We had the rainbow Hailo taxi, which I must admit I’ve seen about four times around the Christ Church area in the past week, then the same company’s free fares to the polling station for those looking to tick a box.

Uber responded in kind with its own variation on that theme just yesterday. And now we have Hailo’s latest masterpiece, the homophobic taxi driver.

“Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. I mean, why would you get with someone from a different planet?” Sage advice, sir.


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic