The happy Chewbacca is the best Star Wars story so far

23 May 2016

Over the weekend, something quite magical happened, as Texas woman Candace Payne broke viewing records for her ‘happy Chewbacca’ video, but a new response video has tipped the internet over the edge.

It can’t be called anything else but a phenomenon at this stage as, just a few days ago, Payne took a few minutes out of her day to show how much she loved her new Chewbacca mask toy on Facebook Live, and now she has racked up more than 135m views, becoming the first video on Facebook Live to achieve that many views.

To put this into perspective, the previous record holder for Facebook Live views was held by Buzzfeed of an exploding watermelon, which racked up ‘just’ 10m views.

As you have no doubt seen, the video shows Payne talking about the new mask and how her kids will have to put up with the fact that she’s making it clear that it is her mask, and she then proceeds to spend the rest of the video laughing, along with everyone else watching it.

No doubt perking up anyone having a bad day, the video quickly spread afterwards to the point that Peter Mayhew – the man behind the suit of Chewbacca – tweeted out the video, thanking her on what was his rather timely birthday.

Now, a follow-up video from the shop where she bought the mask, Kohl’s, has won them some rather incredible PR as, to thank her for being one of its customers, the company went out to Payne’s house and almost-literally showered her in toys.

While her children are probably happier with the fact that they now have their own masks and don’t have to share with their mom, they also got a whole load of Star Wars toys and $2,500 in gift cards to boot.

Not a bad way to start your Monday, eh?

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic