Here’s how to watch Apple’s main event live

9 Sep 2015

You may have heard of a little-known tech company called Apple. Well, you may also have heard that it’s throwing a party later. Here’s how to watch it, live.

September is the most wonderful time of the year. Well, not for most of us, but for Apple enthusiasts it’s pretty much Christmas.

This is the month that sees a slim man in black walk on stage, hold up a device not entirely unlike the one he showed off 12 months previously, as those in the audience lose their mind.

New iPhone, new iPad, new iOS and new Apple TV?

This time around we’re expecting new phones, TVs, tablets and desktops, as well as a new operating system.

As our very own John Kennedy discussed in his Apple predictions over the weekend, there’s no doubt about it, the event’s main stars will be the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

A stronger case is suspected, with newer touch responses, better processing power and a new camera.

iOS 9 is already shaping up as one of Apple’s more pioneering upgrades in its already impressive operating system, while the fourth generation of Apple TV could well be a complete overhaul.

Where to watch the Apple Launch

If you want to watch the event – which usually lasts a couple of hours, and kicks off at 5pm GMT – then luckily the internet is here to help.

Those on an Apple device can watch it live, here, on Safari. That is nothing new, Apple always looks after its own.

However, Microsoft’s major Windows 10 release a few weeks ago has opened the door for those not on Apple to get in on the action too. You can watch it on the Edge browser, which is compatible with Apple’s live-streaming tech.

Of course if video footage of men holding phones doesn’t float your boat, sit back and enjoy the live updates from editor John Kennedy, direct from San Francisco, by keeping an eye on #AppleSR on Twitter.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic