#hummuselfie aims to give #chickpeace a chance in Mideast

7 Aug 2014

A new campaign is urging Facebook users to post selfies in which they are eating hummus and hashtagged #hummuselfie in an effort to help end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.

The Hummus Initiative is behind the campaign on the social network to “fight against further importation of the hatred of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into France and other countries outside of Israel and Gaza.”

The Facebook page has attracted nearly 5,000 likes at time of writing and contains plenty of photos of people who have taken part in the campaign.

What’s noticeable is many people in the #hummuselfie photos are smiling and larking about, in what is intended to shed light on a conflict that has killed some 1,864 people, including 300 children.

Over on microblogging site Twitter – where photos tagged #hummuselfie are also being shared – reaction to the campaign hasn’t been so welcoming:

Hummus image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic