‘I am beyond drooling’ and other reactions to Apple event (tweets)

10 Sep 2014

Stephen Fry, actor and Apple fanatic. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Reaction on microblogging site Twitter to the press event in which Apple revealed its new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch in Cupertino, California, yesterday, has ranged from condemnation to religious fervour.

Both journalists and regular viewers alike (who had access to a Mac) were puzzled and angered by the live stream of the press event being overtaken by a Chinese interpreter, making it difficult to hear what Apple CEO Tim Cook was saying, unless you understood the interpreter, obviously.

However, this didn’t appear to matter to Apple’s legions of diehard fans, which ranged from celebrities cooing over how amazing they think it all is, to others firmly in the Android et al camp seething behind their keyboards.

Comedian and presenter Stephen Fry was arguably the biggest culprit of Applemania, describing the unveiling of the Apple Watch as if he had just seen the very face of God.

Fry also has a number of famous celebrity friends, didn’t you know?

Back in the real world, some were equally as enthralled by the spectacle, going so far as to suggest selling body parts to get their hands on the new products.

While others had perhaps set the bar a little too high (quite literally) with respect to the iPhone 6’s capabilities.

Some people think they can bargain with the all-powerful Apple money-making machine.

Apple ‘haters’

Meanwhile, in ‘Camp Seethe’, companies and Android lovers alike were busy cracking jokes and playing down the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch as old, has-been technology.

Again, the inevitable price for those outside the US is a big of a bug-bear.

Nexus lovers and, frankly, anyone looking to take a swing at Apple found solace in comparing the iPhone 6 with the Nexus 4, released two years ago.

But why not go back even further?

And just sometimes, a poignant point is made among the tit-for-tat arguments.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic