Jurassic Park vs Jurassic World (gifs)

11 Jun 2015

Today marks a day of celebration for kids of the early 1990s, an era when dinosaurs fascinated us more than anything else. Then Jurassic Park came out and we all lost our minds.

Sure the ’60s had space, the ’70s had stadium rock, the ’80s had wildly successful child-actor-driven blockbusters like ET and The Goonies, but we had dinosaurs.

Jurassic World officially launches today and, presumably, we’re all going to go see it. We were awed by the first instalment, shortchanged by the second and embarrassed by the third.

So now we feel we, by doing absolutely nothing about it, deserve better. So, Jurassic World is being served up for our enjoyment.

With several viral trailers preceding this highly-anticipated movie, the internet is awash with GIFs, mere crumbs for us to eat up in anticipation of the main course.

But, how does it compare to Jurassic Park? We’ll just have to compare GIFs, won’t we!

Nobody has ever done terror quite like Jurassic Park, with something as simple as a cup of water setting the scene.

Jurassic Park cup of water

There was clever use of food.

Jurassic Park jelly

And even a last-ditch saving grace in the shape of a bad-ass T-Rex:

Jurassic Park surprise gif

Before the latter was, quite acceptedly, crowned the champ.

Jurassic Park gif

Now we have a new edition that, by the looks of it, is trying to capture certain scenes as accurately as possible. For example when Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neill) looks on in wonder, so too does Owen Grady (Chris Pratt).

Jurassic Park wow

Jurassic World

There seem to be quite a lot of things to stare in awe at in Jurassic World, with the killer-whale styled exhibit looking cool.

Jurassic World gif

In fact, the whole tour has moved on considerably since the standard scalextric-styled jeeps of yore.

Jurassic World Tour

As yet it’s unclear how important large cooking utensils are to the overall storyline.

Jurassic Park kitchen gif

But deep down we know that when we all finally get to go to a dinosaur-infested theme park, the most important thing to remember is ‘run’.

Jurassic World

Jurassic Park image, via Michael Sheehan on Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic