Malaysian government releases MH370 data online for public investigation

27 May 2014

The supposed area where flight MH370 may have crashed.

In its continuing efforts to locate the missing Malaysian Airlines 370 (MH370) aircraft that has been missing since March, the Malaysian government has released raw data online for the benefit of amateur investigators.

The 47-page report has been published to benefit from the thousands of people interested in this tragic case from all over the world and who might have a good understanding of flight data investigations and what the different categories of burst frequencies and radio channels were used starting from 16:00 UTC on 7 March.

The aircraft’s last confirmed ‘digital handshake’ was recorded the following morning at 01:16 UTC and despite receiving help from the nearby Australian government and authorities and what appeared to be traces of the aircraft, nothing from the plane has been found.

Along with the many amateur internet investigators, the families of the 227 passengers who have most likely lost their lives wanted the Malaysian government and civil air authority to reveal their data after what they perceived to be too slow a reaction and lack of progress.

Analysts currently believe the plane crashed somewhere in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, but the last remaining governmental ship looking for MH370 – Ocean Shield of Australia – is due to conclude its search this week before handing over to the private contractors and now the public on the internet.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic