Man advertises for wedding date — having own teeth a requirement

8 Jul 2015

Going to a wedding can be stressful when you’re single, besieged as you are by family members and friends enquiring why you’re single and when you’re going to get married yourself. 


So, a Sligo man decided that to avoid this scenario at his sister’s wedding he would place an ad on to find a wedding date.

So far, so not-that-odd, but it is the content of the ad that makes it chuckle-worthy — and is presumably why it has gone viral.

Matt (38) doesn’t seem to be too picky, with his key stipulations being that the lady in question is less than 5ft 6in and has all her own teeth!?

The ability to chat about cows is a bonus.

The lucky lady will be picked up and dropped home, as well as getting  free dinner and ‘some’ drinks — though presumably not too many in case they start blabbing about the whole arrangement.


This ad is definitely on, so ladies, if you’re relatively short, have all your own teeth and are free on 25 September, you can reply to it here.

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Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.