Maths Week Challenge 4 – The Beehive

15 Oct 2015

It’s Maths Week! We’ve teamed up with University College Cork — currently celebrating the bicentenary of noted mathematician George Boole — to bring you daily Maths Week Challenges. Today’s offering kicks it all up a notch.

Thursday’s Maths Week Challenge

Maths Week Challenge 4 - beehive

Today’s Maths Week Challenge comes courtesy of Dr Anca Mustata, UCC School of Mathematical Science and Maths Circle Ireland.

Future Human

Make sure to check back in tomorrow for the solution to today’s Challenge. 

Update: For the solution to Maths Week Challenge 4, click here.

Solution to Wednesday’s challenge

Nothing was stolen from Classroom 4. Since the only visitor who stole something was the goblin, we know that the goblin was not in Classroom 4.

Classroom 2 was not visited by a goblin.

No notebooks or paints are ever kept in the Staff Room. Since the goblin stole a notebook and the cat painted her paws, neither of them could have gone to the Staff Room.

From this, we can infer that the goblin went to Classroom 3.

As we already know, the cat was not in the Staff Room either. We know the cat went to a classroom with a low number, so it can’t have been in Classroom 4. This leaves Classroom 2.

The ghost hid in either Classroom 2 or the Staff Room. As Classroom 2 was occupied by the cat, the ghost must have been in the Staff Room.

Hence, the witch went to Classroom 4.

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