Memes in reaction to nuclear plant 240km from Irish coast

8 Oct 2014

Internet memes predict the possible fallout of the construction of two nuclear power plants 240km (150 miles) from the Irish coast.

The European Commission has approved a €20bn financing plan for Britain to build the plants at Hinkley Point in Somerset, south-west England, with operation to begin in 2023.

The nuclear plant is expected to produce the largest output of electricity by a single plant in the UK: 3.3GW, or 7pc of Britain’s electricity generation.

Activists and several member states had fiercely resisted the project, but a vote by the European Commission’s 28 commissioners narrowly approved the deal.

An Taisce and the Department of the Environment also raised concerns about the project.

“An Taisce’s case is against the UK Government on the grounds that we believe they did not apply international law, EU law and English law correctly … in that they failed to consult with their neighbours, the people of Ireland, prior to granting permission for Hinkley Point C,” RTÉ reported.

The Department of the Environment said it had concerns about the effect on the environment, the management of radioactive waste, and the “rationale underpinning the proposed justification decision for new nuclear facilities”.

Internet memes also depict concerns about being in close proximity to a nuclear power plant:

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic