Underwater chase caught on camera: Octopus vs Crab – Gigglebit

6 May 2015

A crab and an octopus engaged in an underwater chase in Sydney

Gigglebit is Siliconrepublic’s daily dose of the funny and fantastic in science and tech, to help start your day on a lighter note – because sometimes the lighter side of STEM should be taken seriously, too. Today, we see yet another example of the awesomeness of nature…

We all love looking at nature in its unvarnished glory — and there’s nothing quite like seeing just how the food chain works in the animal world.

Onlookers at Sydney Harbour saw nature in motion recently when they spotted a high-speed marine chase as an octopus pursued a crab in the (fantastically clear) blue water.

It was caught on film and, naturally, shared with the world on YouTube.

We won’t ruin the ending by saying which creature came out on top, just watch the video to see nature in action…

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.