When Awards Season goes viral – Leonardo DiCaprio and the 2016 Oscar race

14 Jan 2016

Welcome to Awards Season! This year, amidst all of the congratulatory items, detailed assessments of star’s wardrobes, and reviews of Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes performance, there’s only question on anyone’s lips: Will this be the year that Leo finally gets his Oscar?

Oscar nominations will be announced later today (14 January), meaning that today is also the day that we find out if Leonardo DiCaprio will have another chance to nab an Academy Award.

His latest starring turn – in The Revenant – has been garnering significant buzz and, earlier this week, he even won a Globe for his performance.

Of course, that’s not what anyone’s talking about, and it’s certainly not going viral anytime soon. That honour is saved for his reaction to Lady Gaga brushing past him – an unfortunate facial reaction to capture on camera, but one for which we’ll be forever grateful.


Sure, there have been other frontrunners grabbing their share of the spotlight this week. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, may have cracked her Hollywood-darling veneer ever so slightly with a post-Globes run in with a foreign journalist.

And our own Saoirse Ronan, appearing on chat show couches everywhere to talk about Brooklyn, is taking advantage of her current popularity to educate the rest of the world on Irish names.

(Sadly, she hasn’t yet educated anyone on the pronunciation of Caoilfhionn. Maybe she’s saving that for the master class.)

But, in spite of the interlopers, it’s Leo who has the staying power. In part, yes, because of that Gaga gaffe, but mostly because of the most pervasive Oscar meme of all time.

Yes, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Snubbed by Oscar. Leo may never win – although we hope he does this year – but this meme sure does.

It all started with a Funny or Die video, but ballooned from there.

Whet your appetite for the Oscars by taking a look at some of the best, and prepare yourself for the onslaught of even more if the Academy Award goes to someone else.

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Snubbed by Oscar has captivated Tumblr:

Oscar: Leo calls his child Oscar

Taken on Leo’s iconic movies:

Oscar: Leo getting ignored by Oscar on the Titanic

Gone a little bit meta:

Oscar: Leo's crumbling future

Gone multi-meme:

Oscar: Jennifer Lawrence trips, Leo steals award

Touched on childhood memories:

Oscar: Leo in Fairly Odd Parents

Gotten sexy:


Gotten mean:

Oscar: Jennifer Lawrence jokes about Leo's lack of Oscar

Gone Frozen:

Oscar: Leo, just let it go

And gone retro:

Oscar: Leo in the Simpsons

And created our current favourite:

Oscar: Leo gets beaten by bear in The Revenant

Leo, we’re rooting for you. 2016 is your year.

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Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic