Oscars 2016: A look at the evolution of cinema (infographic)

26 Feb 2016

The Irish General Election may be taking place today, but we all know the most important event of the year is actually taking place in Los Angeles on Sunday.

That’s right, the Oscars 2016 will descend upon Hollywood in a frenzy of suits, tuxes and ‘gracious loser’ faces on Sunday night.

There is much Irish interest this year, with Ireland being represented in the Best Actor, Actress, Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay categories, with Irish director Benjamin Cleary also nominated for Best Live Action Short.

Future Human

Barry O’Dowd of IDA Ireland wrote for us earlier in the week that this raft of nominations is a refelction of the vibrant filmmaking industy in Ireland, while AMBER, the materials science centre based at Trinity College Dublin produced a nano Oscar statutette to celebrate the Irish nominees in the Oscars 2016.

We also looked back at previous Oscar success stories who can claim some Irish connections.

We thought a good way to mark this biggest weekend in the movie world would be to take a look back at how our cinema-going experiences have changed over the years.

This infographic, produced by Cineworld, shows how cinemas have evolved between the 1920s and now.

The evolution of cinema

Oscars 2016

Cinema ticket image via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.